LTS Support
Community Versions

Angular is a fast paced technology with a new major version every 6 months. PrimeNG release cycle is aligned with Angular and every 6 months a new major PrimeNG version is released as open source that is compatible with the latest Angular core. The maintenance releases of the latest PrimeNG version are provided as free and open source for the following 6 months until the new major Angular version is ready.

LTS Versions

Majority of the existing applications prefer to remain at a previous version due to stability requirements instead of upgrading to the latest version immediately. PrimeNG LTS is a support service to provide a license for the finest compatible version suited to you. LTS covers the prior two versions from the latest release, this means up to 18 months of almost bi-weekly releases to bring the latest defect fixes and security updates to your project. As an example, when PrimeNG moves to Angular 16, PrimeNG 15 and 14 will move to LTS support whereas STS (short term support) versions of PrimeNG 16 will be open source under MIT license for at least 6 months until Angular/PrimeNG 17 is released.

Version Support

The following table provides the status for PrimeNG versions under support by LTS. Legacy versions are only supported by PrimeNG PRO.

VersionStatusActive EndsLTS Ends
v16 Active After v17 release After v19 release
v15 LTS After v16 release After v18 release
v14 LTS After v15 release After v17 release
v13 Out of Support After v14 release After v16 release
LTS License

PrimeNG comes with a commitment to provide long-term support, including regular security updates to keep your system protected against emerging threats.


We understand the importance of maintaining a stable and reliable software system. Our team will provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that the software continues to function seamlessly and efficiently.


We are dedicated to continuously improving PrimeNG to meet the evolving needs of our users. As part of our long-term support, we will provide regular updates and enhancements to add new features and functionality.

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Basic License


  • Expires After 1 Year
  • Warning Message at Runtime After Expiry
  • Eligible for 1 Major Version
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Projects

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Extended License


  • No Expiry
  • No Warning Message at Runtime
  • Eligible for 1 Major Version
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Projects

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LTS versions require a license key and a pass key to be verified at your main app component or main.ts before bootstrap process. The keys would be available at PrimeStore under LTS Licenses section.

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { LicenseManager } from 'primeng/api';

    selector: 'app-root',
    templateUrl: './app.component.html'
export class AppComponent {

    LicenseManager.verify('LICENSE_KEY', 'PASS_KEY');

Frequently Asked Questions
Is LTS License mandatory to use PrimeNG?

No, all releases of the latest PrimeNG version are free to use under MIT License until a new major version comes which happens every 6 months.

How long is the duration of the LTS license?

Duration is 1 year for Basic License, for Extended License there is no limit.

What happens after the license duration ends?

A message will be displayed at the application screen and license needs to be renewed at PrimeStore. This only applies to Basic License as Extended License has no time limit.

Is a license bound to a specific major version?

Yes, a license key is tied to the major version such as 15 and same license key cannot be used on another major version like 14.

How can I assign my license to a version?

At PrimeStore, there is an "Assign" feature that activates your license by selecting a version.

Does the license renew automatically?

No, renewal should be done manually at PrimeStore.

How are LTS and Community versions differentiated at NPM?

LTS releases have -lts suffix such as 14.2.4-lts.

Is the license per organization, per developer or per cpu/server?

LTS license is per organization, there is no limit on the number of developers, projects or hardware.

Can subsidiary companies share the license of a parent company?

No, license owner needs to be a separate entity as a result each company requires a separate license.

Does LTS provide a support contact?

No, PrimeNG PRO is the service where response of PrimeTek engineers is secured within 1 business day.

Can LTS releases be used in open source projects?

No, this means violation of the license as keys cannot be shared.

Does PRO provide access to the LTS releases?

Yes, PRO users are granted a basic license.

What is the difference between LTS and PRO?

PrimeNG PRO is a premium support service delivered via an exclusive JIRA instance where support engineers of PrimeTek provide assistance within 1 business day to the raised tickets. LTS on the other hand provides a license to utilize the long term support versions.